Femke Lammertink

External PhD Candidate

Hi there, I am Femke Lammertink! I am currently a PhD student at UMC Utrecht, and more specifically the department of Neonatology, under supervision of Manon Benders, Christiaan Vinkers, Martijn van den Heuvel, and Erno Hermans. I study the neural dynamics underlying resilience and vulnerability in extremely preterm born infants and children. Using several techniques, such as connectomics, structural covariance, and template-based large-scale brain networks, we aim to investigate the development of neural circuitry (e.g., salience network) and how chronic and acute stress might impact morphological processes. Results might ameliorate our understanding of what makes one individual more resilient to early life stress than others.

Prior to starting my PhD, I completed a bachelors in pedagogical sciences, and a research master in Behavioural Sciences at the Radboud University. For my major thesis, I studied the genetic underpinnings of stress-induced freezing behaviour in (human) adolescents under supervision of Hannah Niermann and Karin Roelofs.

In my free time I love watching movies, reading books, and tend to my dying plants.