COllaborations of the CAN-lab group

    (Inter)national consortia


    The DynaMORE (Dynamic MOdelling of REsilience) consortium aims to improve the prevention of, or quick recovery from, stress-related mental health problems. To do so, we collect psychological, behavioural, neural, and physiological markers for the identification of key risk and resilience factors.

    Healthy Brain Study

    The goal of the Healthy Brain Study is to discover how the brain works and how the brain effects our daily lives. This is a unique, long-term study carried out by Radboud University, Radboudumc and the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, together with other organizations, and volunteers in their thirties.


    The International Resilience Alliance (Intresa) is an initiative of academic researchers working together to promote scientific stress resilience research at all levels – by coordinating research activities, developing common definitions and terminology, setting methodological standards, providing research tools, sharing data and results, supporting grant initiatives, organizing workshops, symposia and conferences, lobbying for resilience, and reaching out to the public.


    The Stress-NL consortium aims to change the current way of performing stress studies, by combining knowledge, efforts, and sharing data, but also joining efforts to emphasize the importance of fundamental and applied stress research to funding agencies, the government and the general public. The Stress-NL foundation is supported by a project grant from the Young Academy of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, and by the ‘Interdisciplinair Genootschap voor Biologische Psychiatrie’.


    The STRESS-EU database is a collaborative interdisciplinary initiative which combines (neuro)biological, physiological, and behavioral data from studies into acute stress conducted across many participating labs. This database creates a unique framework that enables human stress research to take new avenues in explorative and hypothesis-driven data analyses with high statistical power.

    Brain Cognition Behavior-Netherlands (BCB-NL)

    Brain Cognition Behavior – The Netherlands (BCB-NL) is an umbrella platform between the Dutch associations and networks for research into brain, cognition and behavior. In this platform we join forces and promote the interests of brain, cognition and behavioral research in the Netherlands and the social issues related to this field.

    Academic Alliance project group “TraumaCtrl”

    The Academic Alliance is a collaboration between Radboudumc and Maastricht UMC+ for innovation in healthcare. It was founded to improve patient care, infrastructure, prevention, leading research, education and training. The academic alliance facilitates the research project “Trauma & Controle: Zelfregulatie van hersennetwerken in PTSS” (TraumaCtrl).

    H3A consortium, project Rwanda

    The Human Heredity and Health in Africa (H3Africa) consortium facilitates fundamental research into diseases on the African continent. In the international collaborative Intergenerational Epigenomics of Trauma and PTSD in Rwanda project, we aim to characterize the intergenerational genomic impact of genocide exposure and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in women survivors of the Rwandan genocide and their offspring.

    Open Research Area (ORA) - Stress Accuracy and Generalization project team

    The Open Research Area (ORA) initiative [funded by DFG (German Research Foundation) and NWO (Dutch Research Council)] supports an interdisciplinary research project on the effects of noradrenaline and cortisol on the temporal dynamics of memory consolidation with respect to memory accuracy versus generalization. We combine pharmacological neuroimaging and behavioral studies with mechanistic studies in rodents in collaboration with Ruhr University Bochum.

    Clinical partners

    ADF stichting

    ADF Stichting is a patient federation and family organization for everyone with personal experience of anxiety and compulsion. They aim for more openness and a better understanding of anxiety and compulsion complaints. We collaborate with ADF Stichting to consult people with lived experience of PTSD for the research project “Cortisol voor PTSS” (CovoS).


    HSK is an institute for mental health care (“GGZ-instelling”) that is specialized in care for employees. They offer treatments, and services regarding prevention and personal development. We collaborate with HSK to recruit people with burnout for the research project “Stress Resilience and the Brain in Burnout” (STRAIN-BO).


    Mondriaan is an institute for mental health care (“GGZ-instelling”) with >35 centers in Zuid-Limburg, Netherlands. We collaborate with Mondriaan treatment centers in and around Maastricht to recruit patients with PTSD for the research project “Trauma & Controle: Zelfregulatie van Hersennetwerken in PTSS” (TraumaCtrl).

    Pro Persona

    Pro Persona is an institute for mental health care (“GGZ-instelling”) with treatment centers located in the east of the Netherlands. They also offer forensic care via Pompestichting. In collaboration with Pro Persona (for recruitment of patients with PTSD), we conduct the research project “Cortisol voor PTSS” (CovoS).

    Radboudumc Center for Mindfulness

    Radboudumc Center for Mindfulness is a national center of expertise for the application and scientific evaluation of mindfulness-based interventions. We collaborate with this center for the research project “Mindful Network Dynamics Regulation under Stress” (MindRest).