Work published by members of the lab

Note: Not all papers are openly accessible due to copyright restrictions. Send Erno Hermans a reprint request.

Other publications

  • Hermans, E. J., Henckens, M. J. A. G., Joëls, M., & Fernandez, G. (2016). Time-dependent shifts in neural systems supporting decision-making under stress. In J.-C. Dreher & L. Tremblay (Eds.), Decision Neuroscience: Handbook of Reward and Decision Making (2nd edition). Elsevier.
  • Hermans, E. J. (2006). Defy or ally: neuroendocrine regulation of human socio-emotional behavior (PhD dissertation). Utrecht: Utrecht University.
  • Hermans, E.J. (2002-16). SPM starter’s guide for SPM8 and for SPM12. Introductory manual developed for neuroimaging courses.