Paula Salamone

External PhD Candidate

I am currently doing a Postdoctoral fellowship in the Center for Social and Affective Neuroscience (CSAN), Linköping University, working with Rebecca Böhme to study brain-body dynamics create the “self” experience, in psychiatric conditions or through experimental interventions.

I have a background in Psychology and a PhD in Neuroscience (2020, University of Córdoba) from Argentina. I obtained a fellowship from the Argentinean Research Council (2016, CONICET) to do research. The main focus of my doctoral research was to study how brain-heart dynamics affect processes as interoception and emotions in patients after heart transplant and in neurodegeneration, using multimodal techniques (behavior, EEG, fMRI).

During my PhD, I also collaborated with Erno Herman’s CANLAB group from the Donders Institute by studying how emotionally arousing stimuli affect memory.

In addition, I am very passionate about learning and teaching as much as I can. I have teaching experience in undergraduate and graduate courses. I was an assistant lecturer at the Universidad del Salvador (2016-2018, Buenos Aires), I was a tutor for Athena Studies (2018-2019, Nijmegen), and I also gave postgraduate courses (e.g. Neuropsychological Evaluation) for public and private institutions.