Sterre ten Velde


Hello, I'm Sterre, and I am a second-year double-degree Master's Student. I am studying Cognitive Neuroscience at the Radboud University, and Human-Technology Interaction at the Technical University of Eindhoven. Before this, I completed my Bachelor of Psychology and Technology at the TU/e. For the past half year, I have traveled to Asia and studied a variety of neuroscience courses at the National University of Singapore.

In the upcoming months, I will be supervised by Dr. Eliana Vassena and Emma Heling as part of my internship at the CAN lab. I will help Emma to design research focussing on controllability to look into stress resilience.

Apart from spending my free time with friends, like having dinner or going to festivals, I love to be creative, for example, painting, pottery, or singing in a band. I am really excited to be an intern here and hope to see you around!


  • Kapittelweg 29
    6525 EN Nijmegen
    The Netherlands
  • Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour
    Radboud University Medical Center
    P.O. Box 9101
    6500 HB Nijmegen
    The Netherlands